Announcing: We Are Now Accepting Cryptocurrency as Payment

With cryptocurrency becoming a more mainstream form of payment, AdQuick felt it was important to make it an available payment option for our customers.

Announcing: We Are Now Accepting Cryptocurrency as Payment

Wait, did you read that right? AdQuick is accepting cryptocurrency as payment for out-of-home advertising campaigns? You read that right. At AdQuick, our mission is to empower everyone to put their message into the world, and we feel like it's important to give our customers as many payment options as possible to make that happen.

With over 300 million people using cryptocurrency around the world, we’ve decided this is a vital move to continue to give our customers the most convenience while planning and running their out-of-home campaign through AdQuick.

So how will it work?
I’m so glad you asked. As you know, AdQuick is all about making out-of-home advertising easy and measurable. We won’t fail you now.

Let’s take it from the top:

  • Identify your goals & KPIs.
  • Connect with someone on our team, we’ll provide insights into markets, data from previous advertisers, and can execute your buys.
  • Your invoice will give you the option to pay in cryptocurrency!

It really is just that simple! Remember: if you’d like some help along the way, AdQuick’s team of OOH experts is always available! Schedule a free strategy session with an expert today!