Curry Brand's campaign honoring MiLaysia Fulwiley's triumph in women's college basketball

Curry Brand's campaign honoring MiLaysia Fulwiley's triumph in women's college basketball


In the wake of South Carolina's victory in the women’s college basketball championship, Curry Brand (the brainchild of NBA superstar Steph Curry backed by Under Armour) and Grace Outdoor Advertising, using AdQuick to assist with measurement, orchestrated a marketing campaign to honor the achievement of MiLaysia Fulwiley, a freshman guard pivotal to the team's success. This case study summarizies the strategic approach and impact of Curry Brand's billboard campaign, highlighting its resonance within the community and the broader sports landscape.


MiLaysia Fulwiley emerged as a rising star within women's college basketball, capturing attention with her stellar performance during South Carolina's undefeated 2023-24 season. As the first collegiate athlete from an Under Armour-backed institution to sign with Curry Brand through a name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal, Fulwiley's journey embodied resilience and triumph.


  1. To celebrate MiLaysia Fulwiley's contribution to South Carolina's championship win.
  2. To amplify Curry Brand's commitment to supporting emerging talent in women's sports.
  3. To foster brand affinity and engagement within Fulwiley's hometown of Columbia, S.C., and beyond.

Campaign Execution:

Curry Brand swiftly capitalized on the euphoria of South Carolina's victory by leveraging Instagram to congratulate Fulwiley, laying the groundwork for a larger-scale celebration. Grace Outdoor strategically deployed 10 digital billboards across Columbia, S.C., Fulwiley's hometown adorned with the message "Hometown Hero. Homegrown Champion." The billboards, positioned prominently throughout the city and state, served as a testament to Fulwiley's achievements and the community's pride in her success. Notably, the campaign aligned seamlessly with Curry Brand's social media messaging, amplifying its reach and impact.

Outcome and Impact:

  1. Community Engagement: The billboards sparked a wave of local pride and enthusiasm, with residents and supporters rallying behind Fulwiley's accomplishment. By integrating the campaign into the fabric of the community, Curry Brand established a meaningful connection with its audience.
  2. Brand Visibility: The strategic placement of billboards ensured maximum visibility and exposure reaching more than 900,000 impressions and garnering attention not only from residents but also from passersby and visitors. The campaign elevated Curry Brand's presence in the highly competitive sports marketing landscape, reinforcing its commitment to empowering athletes.
  3. Athlete Empowerment: Fulwiley's endorsement deal with Curry Brand not only affirmed her status as a rising star but also underscored the brand's dedication to championing diversity and inclusivity in sports. By prioritizing partnerships with emerging talent like Fulwiley, Curry Brand demonstrated its proactive approach to athlete empowerment and representation.


Curry Brand's billboard campaign honoring MiLaysia Fulwiley's triumph in women's college basketball exemplifies the power of strategic marketing in celebrating athletes' achievements and fostering community pride. By seamlessly integrating the campaign into the fabric of Columbia, S.C., and amplifying its impact through social media, Grace Outdoor not only celebrated Fulwiley's success but also reinforced its commitment to supporting emerging talent in women's sports. As brands continue to navigate the evolving landscape of sports marketing, campaigns rooted in authenticity, community engagement, and athlete empowerment stand poised to leave a lasting impression.

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