Announcing AdQuick Search Lift: Measure The Impact of OOH

Announcing AdQuick Search Lift: Measure The Impact of OOH

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, understanding the impact of your campaigns is crucial for success. OOH (out of home) has the ability to drive organic brand searches and website traffic, making a significant impact on your overall marketing strategy and “lifting” search (and social) KPIs organically. Our users have took note of an increase in these KPIs since we started. That's why AdQuick is excited to introduce its new measurement offering Search Lift, providing you with insights into the effectiveness of your OOH campaigns.

This comprehensive tool allows you to measure the impact of your OOH campaigns on branded search keywords within search. With Search Lift, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your OOH efforts contribute to brand awareness, consideration, and intent.

When consumers come across an OOH ad, it often prompts them to search for the brand online. AdQuick's measurement offering not only captures this organic brand lift but also quantifies its impact. By doing so, you can gauge the effectiveness of your OOH campaign in driving website traffic and overall brand engagement.

Comparing Performance against Control Markets and Competitors

AdQuick Search Lift offering goes beyond measuring your own campaign's impact. It also enables you to compare the organic brand lift generated by your OOH campaign against your control markets and primary competitors. This valuable competitive analysis provides insights into how your campaign fares within your industry landscape. Armed with this information, you can fine-tune your advertising strategies to maintain a competitive edge.

Gaining Long-Term Perspective

While immediate results are important, understanding the long-term effects of your OOH campaign is equally crucial. AdQuick's Search Lift allows you to track search volume on branded keyword terms over time. This extended observation period helps you gain a more comprehensive perspective on your campaign's value. It reveals whether your brand remains top of mind for consumers or experiences a drop-off in search volume, which can be indicative of waning brand recall.

In the realm of advertising, measuring the impact of your campaigns is essential for making informed decisions and maximizing results. AdQuick's new measurement offering empowers you to unlock the full potential of your OOH campaigns. By quantifying the organic brand lift and understanding its influence on brand awareness, consideration, and intent, you can optimize your marketing strategies and drive meaningful outcomes. Embrace the power of OOH advertising, measure its impact, and elevate your brand to new heights.
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