AdQuick New Partner RoundUp: October Edition

With over 1100 media partners, AdQuick already provides unmatched access to every kind of OOH advertising in the US and abroad. But that doesn’t stop us from continually expanding to provide even greater reach and out-of-the-box ad opportunities. Read on to meet some of our newest partners...

AdQuick New Partner RoundUp: October Edition

With over 1100 media owner partners, AdQuick already provides unmatched access to every kind of out-of-home advertising in the US and abroad.  But that doesn’t stop our team from continually expanding our partnerships to provide our customers with even greater reach and new, innovative, and out-of-the-box ad opportunities.

Just this past month, we’ve added a slew of new partners across the globe – offering unique OOH advertising throughout Japan, Israel, and the UK – as well as innovative, US-based media owners providing ad solutions on mobile device charging stations, at highly-trafficked zoos and aquariums, on street-level windowscapes, and more.  Read on to learn more about some of our newest media owner partners...

Kesion: Kesion, based out of Tokyo, is the leading OOH media owner in Japan.  They currently own the majority of OOH ad inventory in Tokyo, Osaka, and other major cities throughout Japan, and are expanding internationally as well. Their inventory includes high-impact spectaculars, billboards, truck wraps, airport and transit units, and more.

Elonex: Elonex owns over 3,000 DOOH screens across the UK – including roadside billboards, and placed-based ad units in shopping malls, sports stadiums, entertainment venues, and more.

Zoo TV: Zoo TV is a digital signage network that provides a variety of advertising opportunities at the most visited zoos and aquariums in the United States.

Nova Media: Israel-based Nova Media offers high-impact wallscapes throughout main roads and major intersections around Tel Aviv and Haifa. ​​

Frontrunner Media: FrontRunner Technologies offers digital OOH, street-level windowscapes – with their first-to-market scalable window projection solution that turns any window into a large format digital screen – breathing life back into vacant commercial real estate and retail spaces.

AdGile: AdGile offers advertising on local delivery fleets across multiple US markets. With over 100 trucks in operation, AdGile provides a high concentration of coverage in their markets, as well as GPS tracking.

ChargeFuze:  ChargeFuze offers the first portable, on-demand mobile charging for consumers, and digital OOH advertising – located on their power stations across Seattle and Los Angeles – for advertisers.  

If you’d like to explore OOH advertising opportunities with these or any other of our 1100+ media owner partners, connect with our team today!  Our strategists can help you craft the perfect OOH media plan to achieve your unique campaign KPIs.