The cookieless revolution: why OOH advertising is poised to shine

The cookieless revolution: why OOH advertising is poised to shine

As the digital landscape embraces a cookieless future, many scramble to adapt. But not everyone.

In the realm of digital advertising, a seismic shift is underway. Google Chrome, the titan of web browsers, has initiated the long-awaited disabling of third-party cookies, signaling a monumental change in how marketers track and measure user behavior online. This move, which affects a staggering 30 million Chrome users worldwide, follows in the footsteps of Safari and Firefox, underscoring a broader industry trend towards enhanced privacy and data protection.

At AdQuick, the leading Out-of-Home (OOH) platform, we've thrived in a world without third-party cookies. Why? Because cookies were never our compass. From day one, we've navigated by a constellation of signals, a testament to the inherent resilience and resourcefulness of OOH advertising.

While online cookies offered a seemingly precise map of individual users, OOH operated in the real world, where people are more than pixels on a screen. We understood that understanding exposure and effectiveness demanded a multifaceted approach.

Beyond Cookies: A Symphony of Signals

AdQuick uses a sophisticated blend of deterministic and probabilistic signals.

MAIDs from location data act as reliable identifiers, connecting exposures across devices at the household level, even for phone browsers immune to cookies. But we don't stop there.

Brand lift studies, matched market causal lift analysis, search lift analysis, and the subtle ripple effect of OOH on other channels ("halo effects") paint a vibrant picture of campaign impact. It's like listening to an orchestra, each instrument contributing to the grand performance.

Riding the Cookie-Less Wave with Confidence

The future beckons, and we're ready.

For AdQuick’s OOH Attribution solution, we're working with Claritas to migrate from outdated third-party pixels, which rely on cookies, to server-side tracking solutions like Google's Server Side Tag Manager. This ensures data privacy while retaining campaign insights. The identity graph also utilizes other identifiers - IP address, email, and persistent IDs from trusted identity resolution partners like RampID or UUID.

We are also leaning heavily into cohort-based methodologies, such as Incrementality and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), which offer a pathway to navigate the evolving advertising landscape. These approaches, rooted in statistical analysis and experimentation, provide OOH advertisers with invaluable insights into the causal impact of their campaigns.

We have partners like Measured and Attributy who offer robust insights into OOH's true impact, unobscured by cookie crumbs. By measuring incremental lift and attributing outcomes to specific marketing efforts, advertisers can optimize their OOH strategies with confidence and precision.

A Message to the Advertising World:

As the online world grapples with the loss of cookies, OOH stands tall, a beacon of adaptability and effectiveness. We haven't just survived this cookieless era; we've thrived. And we're ready to share the secrets of our success.

We've been living and thriving in this world, ready to welcome the rest of the advertising and marketing sector. Let's make the cookieless future a shared triumph, where OOH takes center stage, illuminating the real world with captivating ads and measurable impact.

Come, join us. Embrace the symphony of signals. Ride the cookieless wave with confidence. At AdQuick, we're not just weathering the storm; we're dancing in the rain.